Video and Multimedia That Build Awareness!

Web Development

“Building your web presence one bolt at a time”

Video and Multimedia Development

Video increases awareness for your company, products and services, and can be a major asset to your web presence and online marketing strategy. In short, what video can do for your career, your company, and your products is endless. More importantly, video is seen more and more on business websites, and is pretty much, here to stay.

Web Interactive has several video solutions for your business. From recording your video, to post production editing and titling for a high-quality video, to creating a YouTube account with your company name and keywords specific to your industry, we will make your business shine.

A sample of video from one of our clients:

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For you, video can:

  • Show and explain your products in an easy to understand format.
  • Be found with any major search engine.
  • Be included on your website’s main page and accessed from there as well.
  • Be entertaining and promote your brand.

What subjects make a good video?

Any hot topic in your industry, like a new product or service that would be of interest to your customers is a good start for a video topic.

Also, reporting on an article, blog, or online publication you enjoyed can stir up great feedback and conversation.