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Flash Animation Integration

Break away from simple text and pictures and create an interactive experience for your customers with Flash Animation. Our Web Interactive digital artists will integrate Flash technology seamlessly into your site.

Click below to view examples of flash animation:

The Computer Company | Met Life | Lebon Press

Use flash technology to simplify a complex message or boost product awareness. Show your products with text, images, pictures, video, voiceover, and graphics.  Flash makes your product pages stand out, engages your visitors, and enhances the brand experience for your target audience.

"In a new survey of online merchants, 60 percent said, 'customer feedback was a primary factor in their decision to use advanced Web flash technologies for the user interface.'

In an earlier survey, Jupiter found that 50 percent of online shoppers said they would use new Web technologies such as virtual dressing rooms and zoom-and-spin flash technology if they were available on a website.

Many of the early online shopping websites offered visitors only basic textural representation of products, a search engine and price comparisons..."-Create Online Magazine